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The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® N1 Tactical—a powerful, slim and fully rugged handheld. It’s ideal for where you have to be with a functioning mobile computer - be that in the desert, a hurricane or a blizzard. With an octa-core processor, front facing and rear-facing cameras, and long-lasting battery life that is warm-swappable, you can be in constant communication or continuously monitoring your situation with confidence. TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical delivers the Android operating system, giving you the ability to develop in an open environment with thousands of readily available applications and solutions. Plus, built-in 4G LTE and cellular voice capabilities with 100db speakers, three noise suppressing microphones, and dual SIM cards, the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical is ready to stay connected and keep you communicating where your job sends you. When device and systems security matters, there is an option for a NIAP certified configuration of the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical.  If it takes a seven-foot drop to a concrete tarmac or gets dipped into a 5-foot vat of water do not worry—it can handle it and still operate, making it the choice for unrelenting conditions.

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25 Years at Work TOUGHBOOK

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