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Mobile professionals require a computing solution which can stand up to some of the toughest environments. Consumer products in this market have a high failure rate which leads to increased downtime and substantial costs to repair or replace broken computers. To combat these problems, Panasonic engineered the TOUGHBOOK line of laptops and tablets. These rugged devices are built with a magnesium alloy chassis, shock-mounted hard drives, and many other features to protect the internal components from shocks and vibrations, allowing them to be mounted in vehicles and protecting them from accidental drops and dings. TOUGHBOOK computers and TOUGHPAD tablets also have a sealed design to prevent moisture and condensation from entering the computer, so adverse weather conditions and accidental spills will not take your rugged laptop out of commission.

With many models from semi-rugged to fully rugged, with different form factors such as traditional clamshell laptops, laptops which can easily convert to a tablet, and standard tablets, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK computers provide a versatile solution to fit many different markets such as public safety, enterprise, field service, utilities, and more! Available with integrated options such as mobile broadband, fingerprint scanners, barcode readers, and more, TOUGHBOOK computers and TOUGHPAD tablet are configurable to meet the demands of anyone who requires a durable, reliable mobile computing solution. Choosing a rugged laptop or tablet consistently provides a lower total cost of ownership compared to their consumer grade counterparts, less downtime, and a more friendly experience for mobile professionals of all types.

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