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Fully Rugged Laptop Computers

Panasonic’s line of fully rugged laptop computers was designed to endure some seriously tough conditions. They saw a need for a mobile computer which could handle anything thrown its way, and spared no expenses in designing and testing these notebooks. With a shock mounted hard drive and display and magnesium alloy case, fully rugged laptops are able to handle up to a 6-foot drop, making bumps, vibrations, shocks, and drops trivial. They are also able to handle extreme temperatures, operating in conditions above 140° and under -20° Fahrenheit, as well as high altitude and increased atmospheric pressure, making these the most rugged PCs on the market!

These rugged laptops have been fully refurbished in-house by our own Panasonic trained technicians, ensuring each notebook is in grade A, like-new condition, and include either a 1- or a 3-year Telrepco warranty which closely mirrors the original manufacturer warranty. In most cases, we've made performance upgrades such as adding more RAM or upgrading the hard drive, so you'll get a laptop that is not only as good as new, but in most cases more powerful than when it was brand new. And they are available to you at a fraction of the cost!