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The military grade Toughbook CF-30 is built to handle the harshest of conditions without letting you down. Tested and certified to pass MIL-STD-810F specifications, this fully-rugged PC is designed to withstand 3-foot drops without a problem. The fanless design and sealed hinges and ports make it resistant to spillage and nasty environmental conditions, allowing you to focus on your job without worrying about your computer failing. Backed by a Telrepco warranty, you can buy this refurbished unit knowing you have the full support of an authorized Panasonic Toughbook service center to back you up should something go wrong. The Toughbook 30 is the predecessor to the Toughbook CF-31, so if you’re looking for a unit which is even MORE tough, packing even more power, check out our refurbished Toughbook CF-31, the undisputable leader in its class.

These Toughbooks have been fully refurbished in-house by Telrepco, ensuring each unit is in like-new condition. Included with each unit is either a 1- or a 3-year warranty which closely mimics the original Panasonic warranty, because we're confident our refurbished Toughbooks are built to last.

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Telrepco is an authorized Panasonic Diamond Partner
Telrepco is an authorized Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Repair and Service Center
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