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Hard Drive No Return Warranty

Keep your Data Secure

At Telrepco, we understand the challenges that come along with keeping sensitive data on your hard drives secure. If your security policies do not allow you to return a hard drive for repair or replacement, then you need our Hard Drive No Return Warranty on our refurbished TOUGHBOOK computers.

With this additional coverage, you are not required to send a hard drive back to Telrepco when you need it to be replaced. You keep the faulty hard drive for destruction or disposal as allowed per your policy, and Telrepco will send you a replacement, allowing you to maintain full control of sensitive data.

Service Benefits

  • Ensure the security of sensitive data by keeping the hard drive.
  • Simplify the technical support process for your users when they need a replacement hard drive.
  • Reduce administrative costs associated with getting hard drive replacements to your users.

Available on all Refurbished TOUGHBOOK computers from Telrepco when included at the time of purchase with 3-year warranty.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Limit to one hard drive replacement per year per machine purchased with Hard Drive No Return Warranty, must provide full model number and serial number at the time of replacement request.
  • Hard drive caddy replacement not provided with replacement hard drive, user must remove old hard drive from caddy to replace.
  • Only available on TOUGHBOOK computers purchased with Hard Drive No Return Warranty included at time of purchase
  • Not available for extension with extended warranties

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