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Touchscreen Replacement

Touchscreen having issues?

Don't replace your TOUGHBOOK. Replace your touchscreen.


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Telrepco offers two touchscreen replacement programs to help you save on your TOUGHBOOK repairs.

What's included:

  • New touchscreen with film protector
  • Parts and labor
  • 1-year warranty on each new touchscreen
  • Free System Diagnostic Review


Our CF-19 package is offered for $300 to MK 4-8 units. You can also receive $50 off our extended warranty*.


Our CF-31 package is offered for $395 to MK 1-5 units.

If you'd like to learn more, check out our Touchscreen Repair FAQ or call us today at 1-800-537-0509.

*Telrepco Extended Warranty does not cover any pre-existing failed components. $50 off is only available to CF-19 MK 6-8. For more information on our extended warranty, click here.