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Evidence Collection Systems


Capture evidence from every angle without missing a single detail.

Employing Panasonic's Arbitrator 360° HD and the Arbitrator Body Worn Camera enables departments to get the most comprehensive evidence in the most efficient manner possible.

The Arbitrator 360° HD provides best-in-breed HD in-car video surveillance, and when paired with the Arbitrator BWC departments are able to take advantage of a Unified Evidence Management System, improving efficiency while ensuring the integrity of your digital evidence. With flexible options for storage, Unified Evidence Management enables departments to manage all of their digital evidence within one platform. 

Certified Panasonic Arbitrator Integrator

As a Certified Panasonic Arbitrator Integrator, Telrepco has been trained and authorized by Panasonic to implement and support the Arbitrator in-car video and body worn camera solutions, providing our customers with the highest level of support and deployment services. 

Telrepco is an authorized Panasonic Diamond Partner
Telrepco is an authorized Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Repair and Service Center
25 Years at Work TOUGHBOOK

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