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Arbitrator 360° In-Car Video Coverage

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Video Processing:
Front Camera:
WV-VC35 (AS-1)
Rear Camera:
Side Camera:
Microphone & Transmitter

Efficient and Tamper-proof Evidence Storage

i-PRO vehicle camera systems capture 360°of activity in 1080P HD video. Additional sensors capture vehicle speed, light-bar status, g-forces, doors opening, weapon lock releases and more — all of which can automatically trigger recording. It’s the level of performance and reliability today’s law enforcement professionals demand to document every engagement they encounter on the road and in the field.

Intelligently Engineered and Military-tough

Built to survive the demands of law enforcement use, the Arbitrator 360®™ HD system is MIL-STD- 810G-tested for resistance to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and other harsh conditions. Designed based on years of extensive feedback from law enforcement agencies across the country, the Arbitrator 360° HD system’s video technology is purpose-built on the foundation of Panasonic i-PRO surveillance cameras.

Efficient and Tamper-proof Evidence Storage

The system’s Video Processing Unit supports up to two 512GB solid-state hard drives and provides full Power-over-Ethernet to attached IP cameras. The system is equipped with a tamper-resistant key lock, and recording can be activated based on predefined triggers such as the use of the vehicle’s siren or other devices. Transferring and managing evidence is simple with the system’s built-in wireless options or via offload using the Arbitrator 360° HD CommandR™ application.

Capture Evidence from Every Angle

The Arbitrator 360° HD main camera offers the industry’s widest viewing angle, equipped with a 360X digital zoom and ultra-low-light viewing, you can capture clear evidence from a distance, even at night. Arbitrator 360° HD makes recording seamless, with 16 automatic and manual triggers to ensure you capture clear evidence — from double-tapping a wireless mic, to opening a back door, to turning on the light bar. In addition, the system provides the ability to record evidence simultaneously from up to five different cameras and three audio inputs, with pre-recording for up to 90 seconds so you won’t miss a second of critical evidence capture.


Video Processing Unit

Supports recording of up to five cameras simultaneously and two 512GB Solid State Drives.

  • 360-degree recording: supports up to five cameras simultaneously
  • Secure Storage with AES256 Encryption: supports up to two large-capacity removable SSD
  • Programmable automatic recording trigger function
  • Simultaneous event and background recording capability
  • Two Internal Wireless Modules now standard 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Internal Bluetooth now standard (No need for CTB using VPU4000)
  • Single 6-in-1 Shark Fin Antenna
  • GPS now using standard SMA connector
  • Dedicated Ethernet Port for BWC Dock
  • Military-tough: MIL-STD 810G-compliant


Front View Camera
AS-1 (WV-VC35)

Designed to mount out of the officer’s line of sight, the compact AS-1 captures an 86°, wideangle view of the vehicle’s front in 1080p, high-definition video.

  • Fully compatible with Arbitrator 360 HD
  • Built-in G-Force sensor reduces installation costs
  • Extreme low-light performance – down to .02 lux
  • Single Ethernet cable carries power, signal and control



The Back Seat Camera uses a super wide field of view and infrared lighting to eliminate blind spots and capture evidence in any lighting condition.

  • Wide-angle views: horizontal, 150 degrees; vertical, 93 degrees
  • Illumination sensor automatically engages infrared LED in B/W mode
  • Low-light capabilities: 1.5 lx (color), 0.0 lx (B/W, with IR-LED)
  • Auto Wide Dynamic Range to improve high-contrast images



The wide-angle side camera covers 180 degrees, the entire side of the car, to ensure comprehensive capture.

  • Wide-angle views: horizontal, 180 degrees; vertical, 120 degrees
  • Low-light capabilities: 1.5 lx (color), 1.0 lx (B/W) with day and night functions
  • Automatic Wide Dynamic Range for high-contrast images



With improved features, such as a five times greater range and remote device control, the digital wireless microphone increases officer safety outside the vehicle.

  • Frequency bandwidth: 902MHz-928MHz ISM band
  • Improved communication range: 5,000 feet (in open field)
  • 12 hours of talk time
  • Remotely control any connected 12-volt device in the vehicle



The compatible wireless transmitter ensures audio quality and user awareness.

  • Buttons: REC, MUTE, AUX
  • Detailed tri-level battery power

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