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Telrepco TOUGHBOOK Extended Warranty

The Telrepco Extended Warranty Program for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Computers Extends the Value of Your Investment

Does this sound familiar?…

Your existing TOUGHBOOK computers have been in active use for 4 or more  years.  Your Panasonic OEM warranty has long since expired.  And yet, you plan on keeping your aging TOUGHBOOK computers for as long as possible to help minimize repair and new equipment costs.

Telrepco recognizes that certain customers have the need to prolong the life of existing computer hardware. Telrepco’s Extended Warranty Program offers a cost effective alternative that covers defects and malfunctions in a fashion comparable to Panasonic’s original warranty.

As the name implies, our one- or two-year extended warranty “kicks” in once the original  manufacturer warranty expires.

Additional  Program Advantages

Telrepco’s Extended Warranty Program also provides:

  • Cost containment on repairs for Out-of Warranty products
  • Superior craftsmanship and dedicated customer service from our team  of  factory-authorized service and repair  professionals
  • Fast turnaround to help minimize costly down time
  • FREE return freight (UPS ground)

Our extended warranty can apply to a single TOUGHBOOK product, or as many as you might  purchase.

Telrepco Standard Warranty Program: Without Touch Screen Coverage

1 Year Extended Warranty - $300.00 / TOUGHBOOK

2 Year Extended Warranty - $350.00 / TOUGHBOOK

Telrepco Enhanced Warranty Program: With Touch Screen Coverage

1 Year Extended Warranty - $400.00 / TOUGHBOOK

2 Year Extended Warranty - $450.00 / TOUGHBOOK

 For more Extended Warranty Program information – including all relevant  terms, conditions, and exclusions – contact Telrepco today at 1-800-537-0509, ask for sales, and watch the value of your mobile technology investment soar.

Telrepco Extended Warranty Exclusions

Items not covered under warranty include, but are not restricted to the following:

  1. Any item that is physically damaged.
  2. AC sockets cracked
  3. Cracked LCDs or LCD shields (Cracked or Worn anti-glare coating)
  4. Main boards that don’t work due to spillage or physical damage
  5. Mashed MP sockets (Physical damage to plastic)
  6. Missing or broken off antenna (applies to TOUGHBOOK computers with wireless option only)
  7. Loose hinges*
  8. Batteries**
  9. Stripped or missing screws
  10. Sticky, worn, or missing keys on keyboard. Missing port(s) covers.
  11. Missing antenna clasps (applies to TOUGHBOOK computers with wireless option only)
  12. Password removal (CMOS)
  13. Bent pins in PC slots.
  14. Wireless Modem (Price available upon request)
  15. Touchpanel*** (Non-functioning).

*Loose hinges will be adjusted as part of the procedure to install/repair/replace any In-Warranty/Non-Warranty LCD. Loose hinge on its own is a Non-Warranty incident.
**Batteries are considered consumable product. Telrepco does warranty those batteries that Telrepco sells, providing the serial number is valid and is within the warranty period 1yr.
***Touchpanels installed by Telrepco on Telrepco refurbished TOUGHBOOK computers will be covered under the Telrepco Extended Warranty providing the TOUGHBOOK serial number is valid and is within the Telrepco Standard or Extended Warranty period.  All other touchpanels on TOUGHBOOK computers not sold by Telrepco are excluded from warranty coverage.

Telrepco warranty period for all Out of Warranty repairs is 90 (ninety) days. Parts and labor are included in this limited warranty.

Hours of Operation: Telrepco standard hours of operation are from Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm E.S.T. Phone: 1-800-537-0509 Fax: 203-294-0835

Telrepco extended warranty applies only to the original purchaser and can not be transferred without the written approval of Telrepco

All prices presented within this document are subject to change solely at Telrepco's discretion and without prior notification.