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Panasonic Announces The New And Improved Arbitrator Body Worn Camera


Based on the feedback generated by their previous model of the Arbitrator Body Worn Camera, Panasonic has released a new and improved model boasting longer battery life, improved rugged design, and increased in car integration. 

The new full shift battery lasts for 12+ hours, ensuring that the battery will last a full shift and ensuring that no evidence will be lost due to a dead battery. 

Improved in car integration now allows for synchronized triggering with all releases of the Arbitrator in car video system, or automated triggering based off of light bar activation, back door opening, etc. This allows officers to focus on the task at hand and eliminates the risk of forgetting to activate the camera. Additionally, an in-car charging cradle has been introduced to allow for flexibility with charging and offloading - departments can choose to bring the camera inside and dock in a 8-bay network dock, or dock in the car and offload via WiFi. The IP67 and MIL-STD-810G architecture and 6ft drop rating means that this camera can stand up to the harshest of environments without quitting.

Visit http://www.telrepco.com/Body-Worn-Camera/ or call us today at 1-800-537-0509 for more information.

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