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With desktop class performance, a 14" HD LED display, oversized touchpad, and optional touchscreen, the TOUGHBOOK CF-53 is one of the most versatile semi-rugged notebook on the market. If you do not need all of the rugged features of a fully-rugged notebook, the CF-53 is a great choice. The shock-mounted hard drive and magnesium alloy case give this unit a 3' drop rating, allowing it to handle shocks, drops, bumps, and vibrations without a problem. The convenient carrying handle makes the TOUGHBOOK CF-53 much more portable than your average consumer grade notebook, allowing you to take it on the go when you need to without fear that it will slip out of your hands.

These TOUGHBOOK computers have been fully refurbished in-house by Telrepco, ensuring they are in like-new condition. We include a 1-year warranty with all of our fully refurbished units because we are confident our refurbished TOUGHBOOK computers are built to last.

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Telrepco is an authorized Panasonic Diamond Partner
Telrepco is an authorized Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Repair and Service Center
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