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Panasonic Toughbook C2

The Toughbook C2, part of Panasonic's Business-rugged line of Toughbooks, is a 12.5” convertible tablet, allowing you to go from laptop to tablet with one easy swivel. While not quite as durable as the fully-rugged Toughbook 19, the C2 has a 2.5’ drop rating, spill-resistant keyboard, and shock-mounted hard drive. The 12.5” HD 10-point capacitive multi touch screen with digitizer technology allows for easy input either with your fingers or the digitized stylus.

For added efficiency, the Toughbook C2 is equipped with a 1-minute bridge battery, allowing you to “hot swap” the battery out when it gets low without powering it down, preventing added down time and potential loss of work when the battery needs to be changed out.

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