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Toughbook Trade-in Program

Trade in your old Panasonic Toughbooks for credit towards our products or services

Trade In and Save!

Make the most out of your budget by trading in your old Toughbooks for credit you can use on our products and services. Your old Toughbooks can still carry value, don't let it go to waste.


Ready to upgrade your department's ruggedized IT? Not sure what to do with your existing computers? Telrepco is happy to offer our Toughbook trade-in program, allowing you to receive additional funds to use towards the purchase of products or services from us while providing an environmentally responsible option for getting rid of those computers you have collecting dust.

Program Scope

Our trade-in program allows you to obtain market trade-in value for your old ruggedized IT gear while following asset disposition best practices. This will reduce not only the cost of upgrading your equipment, but also the cost of taking advantage of our many services, and ensure that your old computers are disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Further, this program applies to you if you:

    • Have data security or Asset Management requirements tied to de-commissioning excess or older IT assets
    • Cannot accept a direct rebate

Detailed Program Benefits

  • Exchange your old Toughbooks and receive direct credit towards new or refurbished IT products and Telrepco services.
  • Reduce your need for additional funding for IT product or service purchases.
  • Telrepco will inventory your trade-in items at no additional cost.*
  • Ensure proper data destruction occurs on all equipment with storage media.
  • Reduce your processing costs for normal equipment disposal cycles.
  • Receive nationwide assistance with all packaging, removal, and IT asset transportation.
  • Reduce landfill waste by ensuring that computers are either refurbished for re-use, salvaged for parts, or recycled.

*Processing fees may be charged on equipment received  in non-working condition.

Determining Product Value

Since the condition of your equipment helps to determine its value, Telrepco will perform an initial audit* to identify all non-damaged, working products.

Next, we’ll classify each item as either “go”  or “no go”.  The former will be further classified as  either  “excellent,” “good,” or “poor.”

“No  go” products might still have value, which is why we assess each piece for possible salvage, parts, and re-use.

Telrepco: working hard to help you turn “junk” into IT  wealth.

*Telrepco reserves the right to renegotiate values or return the non-working equipment back to the customer at the customers expense.

Ask About Your Trade-in