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Special Edition Toughbooks


New From Telrepco:

Black Camo and Black Diamond Special Edition Toughbooks

Same Toughbook. New look.

Our new Black Camo and Black Diamond Special Edition Toughbooks are fitted with a custom scratch and glare resistant finish. Perfect for vehicle mounted applications or when you just want a unique look for your Toughbook! Available on most models, new and refurbished. Aluminum dog bone optional for Toughbook 19, 20, 30, and 31.

Click pictures below to see more pictures of each unit.

Call 800-537-0509 today for pricing and more information, or select the Special Edition TOUGHBOOK Finish when adding any TOUGHBOOK to your cart!

Black Camo


Toughbook 30


Toughbook 19


Toughbook 20
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Toughbook C2

Black Diamond

Black Camo Toughbook 31

Toughbook 31


Toughbook 19


Toughbook 20
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Toughbook 53