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Sierra Wireless


Telrepco Stands Out in Public Safety and EMS With Their Impressive Offering of Sierra Wireless AirLink Products

As a prominent player in the Public Safety and EMS arenas, Telrepco is focused on how to best suit our customer’s needs while finding solutions that improve our customer’s day-to-day operations. One way Telrepco achieves this is by providing the highest-quality products and customer service with every purchase.

The Sierra Wireless AirLink product line is one that can be found all across the Public Safety and EMS industries, and is the leader in providing secure, reliable connections for a variety of workforces. The GX450, MP70, and MG90 are go-to products for in-vehicle networking applications, and can be found within Telrepco’s list of product offerings.

AirLink® MG90 High Performance Multi-Network Vehicle Router

The AirLink® MG90 is a high performance dual-LTE-Advanced vehicle networking platform that offers extensible multi-network connectivity, to provide secure uninterrupted communications for the world’s most demanding mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services fleets.


AirLink® MP70 High Performance LTE Vehicle Router

The AirLink® MP70 is a high performance, LTE-Advanced vehicle router developed specifically for mobile mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services. Offering high power, long range Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 300 Mbps downlink speeds over LTE-Advanced, the AirLink MP70 unites the fleet with the enterprise network and enables multiple field applications to work simultaneously, further and faster from the vehicle than ever before.


AirLink® GX450 Rugged Mobile LTE Gateway

The AirLink® GX450 is a rugged, secure mobile gateway designed to deliver mission critical communications for in-vehicle applications. With LTE coverage on major global networks, the GX450 extends broadband connectivity to a wide range of devices and applications. It extends the enterprise network and management to the fleet, ensuring reliable, secure broadband data access for mobile users in the field.


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