Excellent (Grade A)

The product has seen very little use and is in like-new condition. The product is 100% fully functional with no technical problems, shows little to no wear, and is not missing any pieces (i.e. A/C adapter, port covers, battery, etc..)

Good (Grade B)

The body of the product has only minor blemishes (i.e., smudges, ink marks, dents, stickers, or scratches). The product has no technical problems and is fully functional(i.e., it does not make noise, run slowly, is not missing pieces, etc...)

Poor (Grade C)

The product has no major technical problems; it turns on and is in working condition; but has above average wear and tear. The product may be missing critical accessories such as an A/C adapter, missing or damaged port covers/doors.

Very Poor (Grade D)

Parts machine - unit has known functional problems, but will have most components and may be salvaged for parts.