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Panasonic understands that tough businesses need tough laptops in order to stay running smoothly. This lead to the creation of the Toughbook line of laptops. The business-rugged family, being the thinnest and lightest Toughbook family around, provide you with a strong, durable laptop while still keeping the laptop relatively small and light.

These business rugged Toughbooks come with a resilient magnesium alloy case, mobile broadband-ready capabilities and around 7 hours of battery life. These Toughbooks are perfect for somebody who needs the durability of a Toughbook laptop and would also like to have a very versatile laptop that has a place not only in the work place, but also at home or on a plane. No matter where or when you want this tough laptop to perform, it will.

Built to handle all of the bumps and drops that we have all experience with, this line of Toughbooks can help to make sure that you don’t lose any important data because you didn’t take time out of your day to be gentle with you laptop. Don’t let your laptop make the rules, you do.